Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Haidyn's New Bling!

I got Haidyn's ears pierced today!! I got Avery's done for her 6 month/half yr. b-day..hahaha. It is a big deal to me to reach 6 months!! Haidyn turned 6 months on the 6th, but the weather has been so weird lately, that I didn't want to get her out too much. She is my sick child and with the weather not ever being able to make it's mind up, I try to keep her at home as much as possible. Me and James were at the mall yesterday and I wanted to do it then, but he told me he wasn't going to be there. He didn't care if I did it, but that is his little girl and he didn't want to see her cry!! :( I had to go to the mall to meet my mom and get my g-ma's gift and she told me she would go with me. Haidyn was in the BEST mood all thru the dotting on the ears, but as soon as she popped that 1st ear, it was over with!! She was sooo not happy with us, but quickly got over it when it was all done. I felt sooo bad, but she seriously cried for about 1 min. afterwards. She is an angel and looks beautiful with her newly pierced ears :) Here are some pics...

Waiting to get them done

Here comes the tears :(

All done and the are gorgeous!

Look at my bling

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Ape and Brett said...

awe she looks so cute!! Audree only cried for about a min. Ha they are too funny!!! Brett was upset when Audree cried but I was like Brett she cries harder than that when we take her to the Dr to get shots!!!