Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun!!

I just love having a girl night and catching up on things! Ashley, Caroline, Selena and baby Ryann came over tonight. It was my first time to meet lil' Ryann and she is adorable:) Haidyn and Avery were both asleep by the time they got to my house, but I went ahead and woke Haidyn up for some pics bc she wouldn't mind. If I would have woke Avery up, she would have been pissed!! We sat around had some wine, talked and laughed about old times and decided to start celebrating the new year early w/ our party hats. I just LOVE these girls and I was totally looking forward to tonight. I think girls nights are very much needed every once in a while. Here are some pics...

Our little babies

They will be great friends :)

Hanging out on girls night

The girls


Caroline holding Ryann, Ashley holding her wine and Sels holding Haidyn. Haidyn is wondering what the heck Ash is doing!!


The Pifer's said...

Oh I hate it that my work computer blocks pics, I will have to look again tonight!!! Glad you had fun girlie! :o)

Ape and Brett said...

AHHHH BABY RYAN!! Oh I want to see her and hold her. Sel looks so good for just having her. Im glad yall are having fun!!

Ashley said...

They were only here for like 2 days and they left early this morning for Flordia. She said she will be back on the 5th and wants to hangout again before they leave to go back to Lubbock. I will find out details and you can come by if you want :)