Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baylor vs. Texas Basketball

James and I just love going to the Baylor BB games, but we don't get to go as much as we would like to. Last night, Baylor men played Texas and my mom watched the girls for us so we could go. It was SOOOO much fun!! We weren't too sure if we were going to get to go bc of the weather, but it held out for us. We met some of our friends up there and James Green and his parents had some extra seats for us down by the court. It was a great game, the refs kinda sucked and if Baylor would have made their free throws then they might have won!! I took some pics of us, but you aren't allowed to take pics of them playing. BOOO! We def. plan on attending more of the men's and women's games before the season is over.


Before leaving for the game

Halftime and the guys would NOT leave us alone to take a pic!!


Me and my honey in our seats


I was SOO excited to see my Assy there!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Ughhh...I am soo tired of my hair! It is soo boring and I want to do something different, but not too sure of what. I see that bangs are kinda the thing now and I think it is soo cute, but I am soo scared to cut them and then it not look ok!! I have been looking around online at some styles and I found one that I think I like, but I need some input on it. What do you think??


Friday, January 23, 2009

Week 3 weigh in

So, I got on the scale this morning not expecting much of a change, but to my suprise, I had lost more weight! I weighed myself like 4 different times to double check that what I saw was acurate. It said that I had lost another 3 lbs. I am now in a new series of numbers and only have 9 more to lose to be back at pre-Avery weight. I have still been eating well, other than last Sunday at the Pifer's and am still exercising every night. I don't look like I have dropped 10 lbs., but I guess I am losing it alittle from everywhere. I know my butt has lost some weight and my legs. I am wearing a pair of jeans that were WAY too tight before I started my diet and exercise and now they are pretty loose and I have to keep pulling them up. Last night, I got on the treadmill and walked/ran 2 miles and then came inside and James helped me do some ab stuff. Holy Cow, it kicked my butt and my abs hurt sooo bad today! I had to have James help me with this exercise and I am glad he did bc he pushed me soo hard. I am super excited about starting to tan today and I hope that I will really start to notice a difference soon!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Call me a SLACKER!!

I have been slacking this past week in the blogging department!! One of my great friends (Tiff) decided to bring that to my attention and I am glad she did!! There is lots going on right now and it is all exciting stuff!

This past weekend was great. Saturday, I had to go to Dallas and James's mom came into town and got to spend the WHOLE day with her. She absolutely loved it! That night we just hung out in Lorena at James's grandparents and visited with his mom and sister. Sunday, we got up and hung for most of the day and then we went over to the Pifer's for some SUNDAY FUNDAY STEELER FOOTBALL!! WHOOP WHOOP! haha..we just ate some yummy quesadillas, nachos, boneless hot wings, chips and dip and drank some cold beer. The Buechel's came by and we all just hung out and watch the Steeler's pull of a great win! I am glad they did bc now, we are having a Superbowl/B-day party at the Pifer's. You see Tiffany is turning the BIG 25 and what better way to celebrate than with great friends and the Steeler's in the superbowl!! I am very excited for Feb. 1st to get here!! haha..there will be LOTS of pics to come.

James will be turning 24 next thurs. the 29th, so I think that next Friday a couple of friends are going to all get together and go out to eat. We are calling it the B-day Mexican/Margarita night :) I can't think of a better combination! James, Tiffany and Shane's b-day all fall a couple of days away from each other, so we are going to have a big birthday dinner celebration. Sooo FUN and pics to come!

Some other things that have been going on with us...Haidyn finally got her top teeth in this past week, she is clapping her hands constantly, we booked a jump party for Avery's 2nd b-day, I think we are going to take Avery to get her 1st haircut this weekend, I got a treadmill here at the house and have been running like crazy on it everyday!! It is soo much easier for me to be able to just run or walk here, I love it! I am going to start TANNING tomorrow and I am super excited for that!! I just feel sooo much better when I have a little color to my skin :) YAY! I will have a weigh-in update for you tomorrow. I have a feeling it won't be much if any at all bc of my poor eating this past weekend! Oh well, it was worth it :)

Today, me and the girls spent alot of time outside bc it was such a beautiful day out. We sat out front and Avery rode the many little toys that she has and Haidyn just hung out in her walker. We then went to the backyard and Avery played on her slide and I pushed Haidyn in the swing. They both LOVE the outdoors soo much! Here are a few pics....








Friday, January 16, 2009

7 lbs. down!!

So, I have completed week 2 of my diet and I am down 7 lbs.!! I am very excited :) It isn't a HUGE noticable change, but I can feel it. My clothes are starting to fit different and getting a little bigger. I went up to my work yesterday and I have not seen my boss in almost a month, and he was like.."you look like you have lost some weight"! It made me happy :) Now, that I am seeing some change, I am just getting that much more focused on the end result! I only have 12 more lbs. to be back at the weight that I was before having Avery, but would like lose 5 more lbs. than that. I have 8 more lbs. to lose before Feb. 28th and I think that I can do it. Just thought I would update everyone...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Haidyn Talking

I was told yesterday that I should record Haidyn talking and saying "Dada". I had left my camera charger in the back of Ashley's Aviator and she brought it to me this morning, so I could charge the battery. I finally got to record Haidyn tonight while we were playing on the floor. Here she is...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So..I was most certain that Haidyn's first word just like Avery's would be "Mama"!! Boy am I WRONG!! Christmas day we thought we heard her say, "dada" a couple of times, but I told James that it didn't count bc she didn't keep saying it!! I told him she accidentally said it..haha. I just really wanted "mama" to be her 1st!! I was soo proud that it was Avery's bc everyone tried to tell me that "dada" is usually the 1st word bc it is easier to say. Now, ALL I hear ALL day is "DADA"! haha...James is soo proud and absolutely loves hearing her say it :) I have to admit that it is pretty darn cute!

myspace background

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Week 1=3.5 lbs. gone!!

So, I have completed the 1st week of my diet and I am down 3.5 lbs.!! Yay..I know it may not seem like a whole lot, but I am seeing the lbs. drop and I am excited! Usually, by now I am like sooo over the diet and exercise, but I am more motivated and determined this time around. I actually feel alot better about myself and just thinking about the end result gets me pumped! I am not following a particular diet, I am just eating ALOT of chicken, fresh veggies, salad, fruit and drinking nothing but water. I will have a cup of coffee in the morning, but only the coffee that I make. It has been killing me not to have Starbucks!! I love that place and was going to get a coffee a day from there. The calories and fat in their coffee (at least the ones that I like) is outrageous and I just really want to lose the weight and had to make a sacrifice :( Everyday, I wake up and look at pics from after I had Avery and it totally motivates me to get back to that. I want to lose at least 15 lbs. by my b-day and I totally think I can do it. I believe in the next 2 weeks, James and I are going to buy a treadmill for our house and I can't wait. It is just alot easier for me to go run or walk here at the house bc the weather is just soo unpredictable. We went out to James's grandparents house the other night and I got on their treadmill and walked/ran for a long time and it was great! So, I want one for our house now :) 3.5 lbs. down and 21.5 to go!!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~Our Baby Girls~

Our babies are growing sooo fast!! :( Avery turned 22 months yesterday the 5th and Haidyn is 7 months old today. I cannot believe that in less than 2 months now, we will have a 2 yr. old! I was telling James yesterday, that before we know it, we will be taking Avery to Kindergarten! I never believed ppl. when they would tell me to take LOTS pictures and videos bc they are grown before you know it! They are soo right! It seemed like just yesterday I was coming home from the hospital with Haidyn and here she is, just 5 months away from being 1. 5 months may seem like a long time, but it really isn't!

Avery amazes us everyday with how smart she is! She is the funniest and sweetest little girl :) She can tell you her shapes, colors, she is counts up to 10 (she gets a little confused sometimes), she can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, she knows a ton animals and the noises they make, she has a HUGE vocabulary, she is potty training and it is really going well and she can basically tell you what she wants or if she has a boo boo...haha! She is such a well behaved little girl and pretty much has been since the day she was born. She has some days where I think that the terrible 2's are already beginning, but I guess everyone has their bad days. She definately knows what "TIMEOUT" is and she doesn't like to go there!!

Haidyn is such a sweet little angel, but I def. think that when she gets alittle bigger, that she will be the bully of the 2. haha...She is going to be our little firecracker! She is such a strong little girl. She a very happy and good baby and I am very lucky for that. She only really gets upset if she is sick or really tired. When she was cutting her bottom teeth, she was still usually in a great mood. Haidyn is sitting up on her own and has been for a few weeks now, she has 2 bottom teeth and is working on her top, she rolls everywhere, she holds her own bottle, she babbles all the time and has even said "dada" a few times and she is getting up on her hands and knees and is pushing herself backwards (she has acomplished the forward movement yet, but close). We are in serious trouble when she is crawling/walking around on her own!

We are soo lucky to have 2 beautiful and healthy little girls and we thank God everyday for that! Here are some pics from the weekend and the past couple days. It was a great and relaxing weekend :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye 2008 and Hello 2009!

Boy, does time just fly by!! I can't believe that we are already into 2009. Where does all of the time go? 2008 was a great year for us..Avery turned the big 1, Haidyn was born in June, James and I celebrated our 7 yr. anniversary and are closer than ever, I have been able to enjoy being a mommy to 2 beautiful little girls, I have made and become close to some great friends!! 2008 was great, but I am ready to make 2009 even better :)

There are soo many things that I am looking forward to in 2009. I started my diet to lose 25 lbs, on the 1st and I am seriously motivated to lose the baby weight. It was sooo easy to lose it after I had Avery, I mean the day after I got out of the hospital, I was back into my skinny jeans! It makes me sick that is so much harder after having Haidyn. I would like to at least lose 15 lbs. by my B-day in Feb. We are wanting to buy our 1st house this year, we are going to be getting Haidyn baptized this month, James and I both will celebrate our 24th B-day, my little Avery will be turning 2 in march (I can't believe I am going to have a 2 yr. old), we will celebrate Haidyn's 1st b-day, we are planning on getting married in the fall :) and we want to take a vacation somehwere. Soo much to look forward to and I am super excited!! So, here is to what I think will be a FABULOUS 2009 :)

New Years Eve Night-
Our NYE plans were soo up in the air, all week leading to it. It was my 1st NYE in 2 years that I have NOT been pregnant and I wanted to go and do something fun!! We really had not heard of much and we didn't want to go downtown to the bars and deal with the craziness! At the last minute, we were invited to go to the Barkin' Ball and glad we did bc it was a BLAST! It was Caroline, Dusty, Ashley, Matt, James and I that went. Caroline's mom's bank was a sponsor and she had the 6 free tickets for us. I was a very nice event and there was an open bar, the most amazing food, silent auction, live band, champagne and party favors. We all felt a little under dressed, but we found out too late to get all fancy. It felt like we were at prom again the way alot of ppl. were dressed. Next time we will know what to expect. We just ate, drank and danced the night away. We did the countdown, I got my New Years kiss from my honey, we drank our champagne and dance to "You look wonderful tonight" and talked about how great '09 will be. My mom wrote me a text message to tell me Happy New Years and that Avery was awake for the ball drop! I could not believe that she stayed up that late. She is usually asleep everynight by 8:30 or 9:00. I guess she felt like partying and it made me sad that I wasn't there to give her or Haidyn a kiss :( They still had alot of fun with their Mimi. It was a great end to the year!

New Years Day-
I got up early and went to get the girls from my moms. They were both soo happy to see me and I was happy to see them! I brought them home and they both took a long nap and I was able to get all the Christmas stuff takin down. After, everyone was up, we went outside to play bc it was such a nice day out. We all ate our blackeye peas, for good luck. Haidyn LOVED them by the way. The rest of the night we all just hung out and it was great. I love my little family and look forward to the future :)

I hope that everyone has a VERY BLESSED and HAPPY New Year!!