Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yes...I am still alive!!

Hey, everyone! So, I know that I have fallen off whole blogging thing, but I am back :)

Things have been a little crazy around here lately, so I have not had to much time to blog. So, here is a small update and I hope to get back to blogging more regularly.

I became and Aunt last month. I have a precious new little nephew and I kinda like being able to hold a little baby again. It is alittle weird seeing a little baby boy bc I am use to little girls. I have had to change a couple of diapers and I def. have to have my sister help me bc I don't know how you are suppose to clean the extra parts.

I have not been really working since November of last yr. bc of the economy not doing so well, so my boss kinda had to let me go. I was really just filling in up at the office if he needed me. Well, I decided that it wasn't working for us anymore and that I needed to find a full time job. The only problem I was running into, was finding a job that would pay enough for me to justify putting the girls in daycare. Daycare is def. not cheap and I am not going to work just for the money to go straight to them. I would much rather stay at home and be with our girls than that. So, I started looking and I put my application in with the State for a clerical position and I actually got a call back for an interview!! I was shocked and excited, but nervous bc I have never really had a formal interview before. So, I went in for my interview on a Friday and I cried when it was over bc I thought I blew it!! It is a great job with amazing benefits and I was crushed bc I just knew that I was not going to get it. Well, on Tuesday, I got a call from the supervisor that interviewed me and he asked if I would except the position!! I told him of course and I just started this past Monday. I absolutely LOVE it and I really like all the ppl. that I work with. It is a VERY fast paced job, so time really flies by and there is never a dull moment. I am mainly going to be doing scheduling for 11 caseworkers in our department and I will more than likely have to help with the other departments. This week, I did some computer training, scheduling, screening applications and so on. It was hard at first to be away from the girls so much, but it is a great thing for our family that I got the job.

With me starting the new job, the girls started daycare. Avery has attended this daycare before and I really liked it in the past. She really was learning lots of new things, so I enrolled both girls in there. The 1st 3 mornings were AWEFUL bc the girls cried when I took them to their rooms and of course I had to cry!! Haidyn, got sick on Tuesday night with a high fever and I thought she might have an ear infection. We took her to Urgent Care Wed. night after I got off of work and they went ahead and did a flu test and it came back POSITIVE!! The dr. told me not to freak out! He said, it isn't as bad as the tv is making it to be and that she should be fine in 7 days. So far, no complications and she is actually not having alot of the symptoms he told me she would. Now, Avery is starting with some of them, but no fever yet. I am hoping hers is just allergies and the H1N1 flu!!

So, everyone is doing great and we are loving that the fall weather is here!! This is my favorite time of the year and I can't wait for Halloween. The girls, James and I put up our Halloween decorations last weekend and I LOVE IT! The fair starts here for us next week and I am super excited for it. The girls will have a blast and I can't wait to go to some concerts.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Avery's 1st Movie Experience..

Today, my mom, grandma and I took little miss Avery to the movies. It was her very 1st time and it was so much fun. We took her to see Ice Age-Dawn of the Dinosaur and it was a cute movie.

We got there, got our tickets and headed inside. When you first walk in there are lots of lights and games and her face was priceless!! I wish I could have caught it on camera. She was just taken back by everything. We took her to the concession stand and she picked out popcorn, cherry icee and twizzlers. She was set and so we headed to theatre #7. We were the only ones in that movie and I was kinda glad bc I didn't know how she was going to act. She was so good and sat the whole time and snacked and would just crack up at some of the scenes. I was really happy that she made it thru the whole movie.

It was so much fun and I know she can't wait to go back!

(Avery is in this pose and fake smile for the camera phase. You will see in the pics)

Avery and Mimi

Standing in front of the poster

We just got inside and she is excited!!

She is more than ready for her movie


Mean Face!!

Little Miss Haidyn has really gotten some personality lately! She has always been such a smiley and happy baby, but since she has turned 1, she has changed so much! She is talking so much more, she is very brave and climbs on everything, she is basically running everywhere, pointing to facial features and tells us what they are and so much more.

Her latest is making her "mean face". It is so funny and she does it everytime you ask her! Here is a little video of our little stinker....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let's Show Our Support!!!

Hey, blogger friends!

As, most of you know, our sweet friends The Pifer's have their 3rd dr.'s appt. tomorrow in Austin. We are praying that her" little" follies grew over the past 3 days and she gets the good news that they deserve and their dr. tells them, that they are right on track for their IUI's.

Well, if you haven't heard the story of her fortune she got in her fortune cookie last weekend, let me fill you in. Her fortune said, "Pay close attention to the color purple, for it will bring you good luck." (Might not be the exact words, but close). Anyways, my girls and I were able to go with Tiffany this past Thurs. to her dr appt. and we wore our purple and it made Tiffany extremely happy :).

So, tomorrow if you could pls. show your support and help bring good luck and good vibes to the Pifer's by wearing your purple!! If you get a chance and could take a pic of yourself wearing your purple and email it to that would be amazing; I would love to put together a post with everyone's pic and that way The Pifer's could see how many ppl are praying and supporting them through this new chapter in their life!

I really appreciate it and ya'll will never know how much everyone's kind words, prayers and support mean to the Pifer's.

Feel free to re-post or send to anyone as well....lets support the Pifers!!



Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Saturday night my mom kept the girls for James and I. We have not been out in a while, so we wanted to hangout with our friends. It was The Pifer's, The Sim's, Aimee (my sister), Matt and his friend. We all met at La Fiest first and ate dinner and hungout. After dinner, we headed to the Westview Lanes and got our bowl on.

I have not been bowling in a couple of years and it was too much fun. We got there about 11 and the Extreme Bowling had already begun. The lights were all off, black lights on, music and unlimited bowling. I am def. not good, but I think my game improved as the night went on. Tiffany was really good and got tones of spares! James is really good, but he use to play in a league a long time ago! Aimee shocked me by how well she plays. She was 1 pin away from a Turkey (3 strikes in a row)and she def. kicked my butt. My arm was so tired after about 4 games and I had to quit and I def. felt it the next day. Those balls are so heavy and my weak arms really have to work to get it down the lane..haha! We bowled til about 1:00 am and then all headed home. I love nights like these and I want to go bowling again soon. We are even talking about joining a league...that should be interesting!!!

My Honey and I...

Us girls..

Me bowling..

James and Zach bowling..

Me and My Tiff...

Souper Salad & Our Girls..

Our girls favorite place to go and eat would be Souper Salad!! They absolutely love their veggies and fruit and they eat soo much!! Both girls love salad, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dew melon. That is what their meals consist of. Avery will tell us that she wants to eat, "Soup Salad". We took them last Friday night and I snapped a couple of pics with my phone of them bc they are just too cute!

Haidyn kicked back in her high chair, eating her ice cream cone

Haidyn with her leg kicked up, just relaxing and enjoying herself..haha

Avery eating some fruit-It is very serious business when she is eating her fruit!

She loves it and looks so cute!

She had to have an ice cream cone too..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BIG thanks to a new look!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Tiffany and Julie for my new blog look!! I love it and I enjoyed working with Julie on this! She is awesome at what she does and I highly recommend her :). You two ladies are so amazing and I am very proud of my blog now!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July-pic overload


I hope that everyone had a fabulous 4th of July!! Our day was wonderful and it was so nice to spend it with our family.

Saturday- we got up and played around the house for most of the morning. We left Waco about 2:00 and headed to the lakehouse. The lakehouse is on Cedar Creek Lake and it is about an hour and a half away at most. This is our 2nd year to spend the 4th there. We were able to spend it with James's mom, sister and other family. It was our house and the house next door just having a big celebration. There was delicious bbq, live band, amazing fireworks, boating, fishing and swimming!

We took the girls out on the boat when we got there. It was Avery's 2nd time on the boat and Haidyn's 1st. They both loved it! It was so hot outside, so it was nice to get on the boat and go for a breezy ride. Some of the girls did some tubing and Avery loved watching them do that. After, the boat we sat on the dock and watched James, his sister and the other kids jump off of the very top. The kids think that James is so much fun bc he does the stuff they want him too! Haha..he is just a big kid himself.

We then ate some food and just hungout. I guess the firework show started about 10:00 and it was AMAZING!! I looked out at the lake before the show started and there were about 10 boats just parked in the middle of the lake waiting. The girls liked the show too. I was really worried that the loud pops would scare them, but they both did so well. After, the fireworks we changed the girls into their pj's and headed home. We finally got home about 1:15 in the morning and we passed out!

We had so much fun and I love going to the lakehouse bc it is so beautiful out there and so relaxing!! We are going to go and spend a weekend there coming up really soon and I can't wait!! This is also, the place that we want to have our wedding ceremony and we got the dates blacked out for it next year. It is just so peaceful and would love to get married by the water at sunset and just have a nice reception afterwards.

Me and my honey sitting on top of the dock

Haidyn making a break for the water!!

Our little firecracker!

Getting ready to go out on the boat

Me and my girls relaxing in the hammock


Our Patriotic Girls

Our other little firecracker!!

Sweet Girl

Getting ready to jump of the dock

I love my family

Starting to set up the fireworks

James, Lesley (his mom), Avery and Haidyn watching the fireworks



The other house that was celebrating with us

I loved sitting on the very top of the dock

The lakehouse

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

**Dance Party**

Well, my little girls are some dancin' fools!! It has basically become a nightly ritual that we have a dance party before bedtime. It is sooo cute, how Avery has to have the perfect song and she has to have everyone one of us in the room to dance. I love how she will grab my hand or her daddy's hand and we just dance and laugh as if there is not a care in world (which when it is dance party time...there really isn't bc it is just us and it is so much fun)!! Haidyn is getting to where she really gets into the dancing too. She tries dancing standing up, but usually ends up on the floor jamming out. She watches her sister and tries to copy the moves she is doing. They are so amazing together!

I love our sweet little family moments and I think I am just so blessed to be able to share them with you!

Awesome Suprise!!!!!

Last week, I got an email from Tiffany and she said, that she wanted to thank me for everything that I have done for her Zach and for always being there for her. I really don't need anything to know how thankful she is, but she has teamed up with Julie of Sweet T Designs and Julie is redoing my blog!!!! I was in total shock and I can't tell you how exicited I am. Julie did Tiffany's blog and her blog designs are amazing! I cannot wait to see the end product. Julie is going to be busy this week and will most likely start on it next week. I will be sure to announce when it is all done, so you can head over and take a look.

Here is the email that I got from Tiffany..


You have been there for me throughout so much the past few months, and esp. within the last couple weeks-as well as yesterday and today!! Your friendship and your support means more than you will ever know. I wanted to do something to give back to you and let you know just how much you mean to me-just how much Zach and I appreciate you helping and totally taking over this fundraiser. Although even this can’t repay you for everything you have done, I hope it helps you realize how much you mean to us.

I recently got with Julie at Sweet T Designs and she will be making you a 3coulmn Standard Blog Design (SURPRISE!!!!); this even comes with a signature and a post divider. Julie will be getting with you so you can pick out your own template and all the details you want. All you have to do is give her the information you want on there---everything else has been taking care of :)

Thank you Ashley, thank you for helping me throughout this. I love you girl!!!

(Julie-thank you as well; you helping me do something for my friend means the world to me…I am extremely blessed to know such amazing people!!! Love you!)

Thank you ladies for this!! You 2 are amazing and you really didn't have to do this. Tiff- you know I am always here for you girl and I love being able to help you and Zach out. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Baby is a WALKER!!!

Last Thursday, out sweet little girl took her first big girl steps all by herself!! I have been trying ever since to get it on video and I finally did today! She is just so cute doing her wobbly walk! I just love it!!

This morning after she woke up...

Tonight, while playing in Avery's room....

Father's Day Weekend

We had such a relaxing and fun family weekend. It seems like the past couple of weekends have just been so hectic and lots of stuff going on, it was nice for it to be just us!!

Friday night- After a hot day at bootcamp and James having a hard and hot day at work, we just sat at home and relaxed. The girls were in bed pretty early, so James and I just hung out and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Every friday night we watch a show called Whale Wars on the Animal Planet. We just love it!! It is soo great to watch these ppl. risk their lives to stop the Japenese from whaling!! Too GOOD!

Saturday- I worked til about 2:00 and James got off pretty early too. We hung out at the house until it cooled off alittle bit and then took the girls over to the water park off of Chapel Rd. They had a blast! Avery was alittle aprehensive about the water at first and that is not like her at all. Tator's was all about it and just going thru the water spouts and was totally fearless. She is walking a little bit, but not enough to walk thru the water by herself. I had to help her walk around, but then she got tired of me holding onto her and she wanted to go on her own. I know I have my hands full with this girl. Avery was all about the water after a few minutes. There were alot of little ones running around everywhere and I am glad the girls had a good time. After, the water park we went and got a few groceries at HEB and came home, cooked dinner and just had another relaxing night.

Sunday- Father's Day....I woke up with the girls and we let James sleep in. I made some yummy breakfast for all of us and Avery went into our bedroom and gave James is breakfast. James ate and back to bed he went. With it getting so hot out, his job takes alot out of him and Sunday's he usually likes to just rest and be lazy. I figured since it was Father's Day and he hasn't been able to rest the past couple Sunday's, he could sleep all day if he wanted and that is what he did. Me and the girls played outside in the pool and they layed down for a nap and I got to layout some more. After the pool we went and saw my dad for a little bit and came home got James and headed to my mom's for a cookout. It was delicious and we all just sat around and talked, ate and laughed. It was a great day and I know James was sooo glad to catch up on the rest. We love you honey and you are the BEST DADDY IN THE WHOLE WORLD AND THE BEST MAN THAT I COULD EVER ASK FOR!!!!!!!!!!

She loved it!

She loved it too!

Tator's made a friend

Me and my girls

Playing in the water


Me and Tator's

Daddy and his girls

They are my world

He is so good with them

haha...posing for the camera!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Only 2 more days-GIVEAWAY

I just wanted everyone to know about the great givaway, that you only have 2 more days to get entered into. I have been helping to raise the Pifer's some extra $$ for their fertility clinic appointment in July. We are doing some great giveaways and this weeks is AWESOME! Head over to the the Pifer Bean blog and see how to get entered!!

Thank you,

Monday, June 22, 2009

What Will The Big Announcement Be??


I wonder what the "BIG" anncouncement will be on Jon and Kate Plus 8?!? I hope that it is-they are stopping the show after this season, to work on their marriage!! I think it would be devestating for the kids if they divorce. I have a feeling that they are splitting!! It just seems lately, that they are both leading different lives and they never seem to be together. I personally think, that Jon has already checked out. It is just so sad.

Guess, we will have to tune in tonight and see. I have bootcamp tonight and we have to go help my grandma afterwards, but I already have it set to record on the DVR.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So...Monday, started our 5 week fitness bootcamp. I am doing it with 2 of my sweetest and greatest friends Tiffany and Kristina. I was unable to attend on Monday bc I had a horrible sunburn and also, could not get out of work on time. I went yesterday and HOLY CRAP it is soooooo hard!! It is probably on the most challenging things that I have every had to do. It probably wouldn't be so bad if we weren't doing it during the hottest part of the day! It is outdoors at Woodway park and I guess with it being so hot out, we will just sweat more and drop more lbs.. I don't necessarily want to lose anymore weight, I just really want to tone up. I am so unbelievably sore today and it is so hard to walk and pick the girls up! I love that I am doing it with these 2 ladies bc we are each others support system and it is a great experience. Tiffany is going to be coming over to my house every monday, wednesday and friday after she gets off of work to hangout till the camp starts. I took a before pic in a swim suit and I am going to take the after pic, when camp is done. We are already talking about just continuing to go thru the next camp, that will start after ours is finished! I can't wait to see the end results.

Before camp

Me and Tiff before leaving the house...

Us right after the camp was over. Our shirts are soaked bc of the ice rags that we kept putting on our necks!! We were sooooooooo hot and looking all sorts of crazy!! I love you Tiff...messy hair and all!!:)

After camp