Monday, June 22, 2009

What Will The Big Announcement Be??


I wonder what the "BIG" anncouncement will be on Jon and Kate Plus 8?!? I hope that it is-they are stopping the show after this season, to work on their marriage!! I think it would be devestating for the kids if they divorce. I have a feeling that they are splitting!! It just seems lately, that they are both leading different lives and they never seem to be together. I personally think, that Jon has already checked out. It is just so sad.

Guess, we will have to tune in tonight and see. I have bootcamp tonight and we have to go help my grandma afterwards, but I already have it set to record on the DVR.


The Pifer's said...

I am kinda dreading tonights show. Like you I REALLY want them to say this will be there last show so they can work it out. I will be really dissapointed if they get a divorce-I really loved there show and loved how even though they bickered they "did" love each other so much and would do anything for each other--this whole thing is just shocking--I hope they can work past this, but like you I do think Jon is already checked out :( UGH!

WOO HOO for bootcamp tonight--I am super sore from jumping around at Kevin Fowler so it will most likely KICK MY REAR!

See you after work love!!

Ape said...

I can't wait for tonight's show. I'm hoping they are going to say they are staying together. I heard they have a contract that they can't break so even if they do divorce the show has to go on!

Good luck at boot camp!!