Friday, June 12, 2009

Haidyn's 1 yr. check-up.....

Today, we had Haidyn's 1 yr. check-up and everything went really good!

The dr. said, that she is a very smart little girl and she is advanced for her age. He said, that she is doing alot of stuff that 15 month old babies do. Haidyn weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. and was 19.5 in. long the day she was born. Her weight today at her checkup was 20 lbs. 3 oz., she was 2ft. 4 in. and her head circumference was 44.2 cm.. She was in the 45th percentile for height and weight. She had to get 5 shots and her finger pricked for a blood count test. She cried so hard and it was so hard to see her go thru the pain. I was sick at my stomach all morning knowing we had to get shots. I took Avery with me and it was her 1st time to go with me, when Haidyn had to get shots. Avery DID NOT like it when they were making her sister cry!! Avery would cry and yell at the nurse, "NO, NO, STOP HURTING SISTER"!!!! It was sweet and Avery LOVES her little sister.

I asked the dr. about her carseat needing to face the back, and he told me that they are recommending that they face the back until the age of 2, but it is not law yet. So, I am guessing she will be flipped around. Thank you Courtney for informing me of that!!

Haidyn did really well all day and didn't act like her legs were bothering her to much. This evening she got a little cranky bc I think they were alittle sore, so I gave her some baby motrin, a nice warm bath and she is now sound asleep. I pray that they don't bother her tomorrow.

Playing in her room after her checkup

Not even acting like her boo-boo's bother her.

These are just 3 of 5 bandaids she had on her legs


The Pifer's said...

Poor tators!!! I feel bad that she had so many shots, I am though EXTREMELY excited that her check up went so great!! She is so stinkin' cute and Avery is so sweet to love her sister so much--they will be bestfriends growing up!!! :)

Ape said...

im so glad she is doing WONDERFUL! I asked my Dr about it and since its isn't the law yet I am not turning Aud back around, she would FLIP OUT! Aud is a chunky monkey though so I think she would be alirght haha I love you TATORS & AVERY! I miss ya

The Jarvis Family said...

Geesh! If I flipped my younger one backwards he would be squished. He weighs 28 lbs

Your kiddos are so super cute!!!

Princess Kinley said...

2 years old until beinig flipped around? wha!? i dont know how that would be possible if they made that a law! kinley was getting really squished with no leg room facing backward! she enjoys her rides sooo much better now that shes been turned!
glad her check up went well! shots are no fun but they always bounce back in no time!

Ashlee McCrary said...

thats such a cute story of avery not liking haidyn getting shots!