Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Girl Carseat

Haidyn got her big girl carseat for her birthday, from her Lala. Avery's is pink and brown and I wanted for Haidyn's to be the same colors. It is really cute and Haidyn absolutely loves it! I still feel like she is just too little be facing forwards and to be sitting upright, but it is time. She likes being able to see everything in front of her and Avery likes for her to be facing forward too. They both are able to interact with each other more.

Tator's eyes in some of the pics are swollen looking and today she is running a low grade fever, has a runny nose and is hoarse. I guess maybe her allergies are bothering her :( I am going to continue to monitor her fever and other symptoms and will take her to the dr. if they get any worse. If not, then I will just ask the dr. to check her on Friday at her checkup.

Last time in her baby carseat

1st time in her Big Girl carseat and she was asleep for it!

1st ride awake and she loved it!

Looking at Daddy

We were at our destination and Avery was passed out and Haidyn was as happy as could be.


Princess Kinley said...

SO CUTE! I remember our big switch over..kinley LOVED her new seat so much! Its a new world to them! Ur babies are just precious!

The Millers said...

Hey I hope she doesn't have what Car had last week. It was terrible...fever for 4 days and just fussy fussy. Hey I talked to my pediatrition the last time we were there and he told me not to turn Carson around until he was 2....have you heard about this?? Will you ask your ped when you go??

Ape said...

awe what a big girl!!! i love thart carseat!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

this was a hard transition on me too! it means our girls arent "babies" anymore! lol i saw courtneys comment about her pedi saying they shouldnt switch until age 2-our pedi in waco told us that also that it's safer to wait until age 2 & that supposedly that's what they do in europe but i think it's also just a parents own judgement here! our pedi said we couldnt switch her around until she was IN FACT 20 lbs & that took rylie awhile since she was so tiny at the time. every pedi is diff!