Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

We had such a relaxing and fun family weekend. It seems like the past couple of weekends have just been so hectic and lots of stuff going on, it was nice for it to be just us!!

Friday night- After a hot day at bootcamp and James having a hard and hot day at work, we just sat at home and relaxed. The girls were in bed pretty early, so James and I just hung out and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Every friday night we watch a show called Whale Wars on the Animal Planet. We just love it!! It is soo great to watch these ppl. risk their lives to stop the Japenese from whaling!! Too GOOD!

Saturday- I worked til about 2:00 and James got off pretty early too. We hung out at the house until it cooled off alittle bit and then took the girls over to the water park off of Chapel Rd. They had a blast! Avery was alittle aprehensive about the water at first and that is not like her at all. Tator's was all about it and just going thru the water spouts and was totally fearless. She is walking a little bit, but not enough to walk thru the water by herself. I had to help her walk around, but then she got tired of me holding onto her and she wanted to go on her own. I know I have my hands full with this girl. Avery was all about the water after a few minutes. There were alot of little ones running around everywhere and I am glad the girls had a good time. After, the water park we went and got a few groceries at HEB and came home, cooked dinner and just had another relaxing night.

Sunday- Father's Day....I woke up with the girls and we let James sleep in. I made some yummy breakfast for all of us and Avery went into our bedroom and gave James is breakfast. James ate and back to bed he went. With it getting so hot out, his job takes alot out of him and Sunday's he usually likes to just rest and be lazy. I figured since it was Father's Day and he hasn't been able to rest the past couple Sunday's, he could sleep all day if he wanted and that is what he did. Me and the girls played outside in the pool and they layed down for a nap and I got to layout some more. After the pool we went and saw my dad for a little bit and came home got James and headed to my mom's for a cookout. It was delicious and we all just sat around and talked, ate and laughed. It was a great day and I know James was sooo glad to catch up on the rest. We love you honey and you are the BEST DADDY IN THE WHOLE WORLD AND THE BEST MAN THAT I COULD EVER ASK FOR!!!!!!!!!!

She loved it!

She loved it too!

Tator's made a friend

Me and my girls

Playing in the water


Me and Tator's

Daddy and his girls

They are my world

He is so good with them

haha...posing for the camera!!


The Pifer's said...

I'm so glad ya'll had a wonderful weekend and that James had a very happy and relaxing Fathers Day :)

Rosie said...

Ha Ha! We watch Whale Wars too!
So glad you had a nice relaxing weekend & Father's day!

The Millers said...

Carson loves that water park too. We went a couple of weekends ago. He wants to be all up in the water. Still working on the whole walking thing too. I'm SO ready for him to do it on his own. Glad ya'll had a good weekend!

Ape said...

glad yall have a good fathers day

KellRich said...

We sooo watch Whale Wars too! Too funny! You have got the cutest little girls by far! They are both dolls...I bet you have so much fun with them! Glad y'all had a great relaxing weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayers. It's so funny you were leaving a comment on my blog. I had just came to look at yours and was showing my husband your adorable kids!