Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekend with old friends

This past weekend was so great and relaxing. We hung with some of our old high school friends and it was a blast. I love getting together with them and reliving the old days. There are some pretty funny and crazy things we use to do!!

Saturday- I took the girls to get their pics you know. Afterwards, our friend Selena was intown with her little girl and we decided we wanted to cookout and sit out back around the pool. It was James, me, Avery, Haidyn, Selena, Ryann (her baby), Ashley, Gracie (her baby), Jessica (Selena's cousing from S.C.), James and Mason. We cooked chicken, steak, hotdogs, potatoe salad, some kinda macaroni salad, corn on the cob and it was all soo good. We just had a few beers and relaxed. Ashley had just gotten back from her trip to Mexico and OMG..she was so dark! Selena and James swam with the girls bc I don't yet feel comfortable in a swim suit and they loved it. We all then went inside and everyone played with my little girls. They loved them and could not get over how big they are getting and how funny they are. Ryann fell asleep about the time we got there, so she missed out on the fun :( The girls watched the Lion King (I LOVE that movie) and Selena built them a really nice pallet on the floor. We just had so much fun over there and I can't wait for Sel's to come back, so we can do it again.

Sunday- I woke up pretty early with the girls and we just played. We took them over to my mom's about 1 bc we had to meet Ash at Ridgewood about 1:30, to go out on the boat. It was me, James, Ash, Matt and Cameron. We got on the boat and drove out to the middle and just parked it, listened to music and Ash and I layed out on the front of the boat and chit-chatted for about an hour. The guys then decided they want to ski alittle bit. It was really choppy out there, but they all did pretty good. After, they were done, we all just jumped in the water and floated on life jackets and cooled off for a while. Me and Ash got out there and skiied and skiing is the biggest whole body workout ever!! It is killer! We then went to the Speegleville Marina and got something to eat at the Slippery Minnow (it was yummy) and then went home. We finally, got off the lake about 7:30 and we were burnt to a crisp! James was using sunblock the whole time, but he burned worse than I did. We had so much fun and can't wait to have many more fun times on the boat.

Here are some pics of our weekend....

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The Pifer's said...

LOVE the pics! I'm super jealous that you were on the lake all day!!!! I think of all those pics my fav is Ashley and Gracie playing cards haha!