Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Baby Girl is Finally 1!!

Saturday, June 6th 2009, our sweet girl finally turned the BIG 1!! She had a fantastic birthday! She started it by sleeping till 10:15 in the morning..hahaha sleepy head. I fed her a yummy breakfast and then we had to go out and run some last minute errands. We went and picked up Tiff and headed out to do some decorating. Her party was really fun and turned out really cute. This little girl got sooooo many cute clothes and I don't know if she will be able to wear them all before summer is over! haha....I was really interested in wether or not she would really dig into and play with her cake, or just kinda look at it. Well, Haidyn went to town on it and I am so happy. We got some really good pics of her getting all messy. We had family and friends over, cooked some hotdogs and just hungout. It was a great time and I am so glad that everyone was able to celebrate this HUGE milestone in Haidyn's life. I can't believe that she is one and before I know it she will be starting kindergarten!

Here are a few things that she is doing:
-Says mama, dada, Hi, sassius (suppose to be cassius-our boxer), no no, papa, nana
-can stand on her own, but when she realizes what she is doing, she quickly sits down
-she walks around, but with much needed help
-sleeps thru the night
-sucks out of straws
-NO MORE BOTTLES!!! At 1, I take the bottles away
-She doesn't use a pacifier. She used it for about the 1st 5 months of her life and then just stopped one day.
-eats anything you put in front of her!!!

She has her 1 yr. check-up on Friday and I am totally dreading it bc of the stupid shots!! I will give an update on her weight and everything.

Here are some pics.....

She loved digging into her cake!!

Our sweet family before the party starts

Her banner

Her cake and cupcakes

One of my centerpieces I made

One of the smaller centerpieces

The back patio

Opening up gifts

In the bouncy house. I love these baby blues!!

Our sweet Avery playing in the misty thing

Giving daddy some sweet messy sugars

Birthday Girl

I am smitten over her!

Tiff and I

Avery and Daddy after tasting Haidyn's cake

Talking to my sweet girl

About to go wash off

Jay and Zach

I love this pic


The Pifer's said...

I think her party turned out amazing-I am so glad you went with the ladybugs! I think it was beautiful! Haidyn was so adorable-but she is always adorable, so thats nothing new :) I had fun helping you get things ready and spending time with you!!!! I love being surrounded by kidos, they are just the cutest! Avery playing in the water was so adorable--Zach and Charlie, lil' miss Aud eating her cupcake...and Haiydn shoving cake in her face--oh I LOVE IT!!!!! What an amazing day!!! One to cherish forever!!! :)

I love ya'll-

Ape said...

I think she was the cutest lil thing ever!! Im so glad she had a GREAT 1st bday and I loved watching her tear into her cake!! I love her to pieces!!!

Princess Kinley said...

1. Haidyn looked ADORABLE
2. U (& Tiff) did an AWESOME job decorating!
3. Ur backyard is so pretty!

Megan said...

Wow, Ashley, you did an amazing job on the party!! It was so cute... From the cupcakes to the centerpieces to Haidyn's outfit. Just precious! You could be a professional party planner! It was just so darn, stinkin' cute!!!

P.S. Avery looks just like you- she is adorable!!! :)

Ashlee McCrary said...

you did such a great job on decorating! i've made bow holders outta those ladybugs you put on the centerpieces! glad her bday was a success!