Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Sweet New Addition!

Reese made her debut on Feburary 25, 2010 @ 3:40 p.m.. She was alot bigger than I thought she would be, weighing in at 8lbs. 2oz.

It was an easy delivery! I was actually already in labor when I went into the hospital that morning to be induced. I was having really consistant and strong contractions without the pitocin. I checked in at 8:30 that morning and just relaxed and hung out until it was time to push. We had lots of family that came and sat to wait for her. One of my best friends Tiffany was there to share our special day! We felt so loved by all of the support that we had that day. I was able to get my ephidural whenever I wanted, so I wasn't in pain. The ephidural was alittle painful, but not too bad. The nurse came in and told me I was at an 8 and 15 minutes later Reese was here!! It happened to soo fast! I was so happy to finally hear her little cry and to see her little face. I started crying when I saw her and I don't know why! I guess I was just really emotional, but really happy at the same time. I had to stay in hospital for 2 nights bc I had my tubes tied that next morning. That was more painful than the whole labor and delivery was. People keep asking me if I am regretting my decision to have my tubes tied and I am not. I think that 3 kids is plenty and I am very happy with our family of 5!

Avery and Haidyn were really great babies and I just knew I was doomed to have a fussy, colic, needy baby, but Reese is probably the best of all 3!! She is just a chill and sweet girl! She sleeps, eats and will just lay there and look around. I have to wake up about 2 times a night with her to eat and the she goes back to sleep.

The girls absolutley love her!! They give her kisses all the time and try to put her passy in her mouth or feed her. They are LOTS of help (alittle sarcasm in that statement), but they mean well!! Avery actually had tried to pick her up when I was not in the room. I told her that was a big time NO NO and to never do that again!! She is not a babydoll, that you can pick up and play with whenever you want! It was alittle crazy around here the first couple of days after Reese and I came home, but things have really settled down and we have a routine going again. I had to keep all 3 girls by myself on Saturday for the 1st time and I was really nervous!! Everything went great, but then again all Reese does is sleep, so it was like I still only had 2!!

Think that Reese looks like a good mix of both of the girls. She has the darker hair like Avery and the darker skin like Avery. I think she has Haidyn and James's mouth and nose. It will be so interesting to see how much she changes over the next couple of weeks and who she will end up favoring.

We just love our little Reese and are so very blessed to have another beautiful and healthy little girl!!


Rosie said...

I just love seeing all these pictures and hearing how well your labor went. Kind of calms my own nerves a little! You look so natural and it sounds like having one more baby was just meant to be! Congrats on the new addition girlie!

Brittany Stokes said...

She is gorgeous Ashley! Congratulations you have a beautiful family!

Veronica said...

So glad things went so well for you guys! It was neat reading your birth story and I'm so glad that everything went so smoothely. Loved all the pics too! Reece is beautiful!

The Pifer's said...

I loved being there for you, this was an amazing expeierence for me and I thank you for asking me to be there! Reese is just so adorable, I love her lots!!!! :)

Ashlee McCrary said...

Congrats again on miss Reese! I'm glad everything went smoothly for ya! That's sweet of Tiffany to be up there supporting you. What a good friend to do that & be there for you!

~Shelly~ said...

What a doll face! I think she looks like Avery the most! U are so lucky she is such a good baby :) Im hoping #2 will be that way for us! Cant wait to watch her grow :)