Sunday, February 8, 2009


So, I am on my way home from Dallas and thought I would write alittle about what has been going on.

It has been a busy week and a half for us. Last Thursday the 29th was James's B-day and we went out to eat @ Red Lobster bc he LOVES that place and then we came home and me and the girls sang Happy Birthday to him and we had cookie cake. Friday we had The Mexican Margarita night and WOW was is a good time!! I LOVE getting together with friends and being able to let loose! Saturday, I woke up WAY hungover! I had to drive to West and pick up Tiff's Coach cake for her bday bc Zach wasn't able to get away and it was a suprise for her. The rest of the day was just a lazy day! I had to recoop and get to feeling better for the Super bowl/Tiff's 25th b-day party. Sunday we got up and I went and helped Ape decorate the Pifer's house for the party and it turned out super cute. We later went over to the Pifer's and ate some yummy food and watch the Steeler's win the Superbowl!! It was a lot of fun! We took the girls over there and they were sooo good and had a lot fun also!

This past week we just stayed busy with the girls all week.I went and got our taxes done and my mom had surgery and I spent a lot of time helping her. I had a garage sale on Fri and Sat. and I did pretty good :) Sat. we went to the Buechel's for Audree's 1st bday party and it was a lot of fun! She is soo cute and it was fun to watch her open her gifts and dig into her cake. Tiff and Ape jumped in the big bouncy house with Avery and she LOVED it! I couldn't get my child to get out of it! Today, we got up early and came up to Dallas for the day to visit with some family.

This next week will be kinda busy for me too. I am going to be MAJOR job hunting! I love staying at home with the girls, but I really want to work and bring in some extra money. We are going to go to Dallas again this coming weekend for Valentines Day. The girls are going to stay with James's mom and we are going to stay downtown in a hotel and get dressed up and go eat dinner :) I am very excited for it! I am going to get my hair cut and highlighted Friday and I guess go ahead and get the BANGS! I am nervous, but I think I am going to go ahead and do it.

As for my week 3 and 4 weigh ins, I did not gain or lose anything in wk 3 and wk 4 I lost 1 lb. I have not been eating as well or exercising as well. I am starting it fresh again tomorrow.

Avery's bday is in less than a month and I am getting busy on party planning! We are having a jump party and I am starting on the invitations tomorrow. I am also going to get her bday party stuff ordered. I am sooo excited for it!

I have some pics from the past couple of weeks and I will upload later.


Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

The Pifer's said...

Are ya'll for sure staying in the Indigo hotel??? I had so much fun jumping with little Avery, she is too cute--and Haidyn duty was awesome too :o) Hope you have a gooood week!!! Love ya lots!

Ape and Brett said...

hey you!! thanks for coming to the party! We had a blast and Avery was sooooo funny in the bouncy house! I have a cute cute pic of Audree and Haidyn too! Valentines will be fun, are yall going with zack and tiff?

~the mccrarys~ said...

cant wait to see new hair pics! =)