Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kiddieland Fun..

Since Haidyn has been sick, Avery has had to be cooped up in the house all day, for a couple of days in a row. My grandma came by on Sat. morning to check on us and she took Avery for a walk around the block. Well, Avery went to pick me some flowers and she thought she would be brave and jump off of the curb and she fell right on her knees!!! She came home and had to big scraps on her knees and I had to dr. them up and put some bandaides on them. Later, that night we took Haidyn to my grandma's and we met the Sim's at Souper Salad to eat and the headed up to Kiddieland. Jaxson and Avery had a ball there!! They always have such a good time playing together and wanted to ride everything! I cannot believe how run down and aweful that place looks! You would think for $1.50 a ticket and the amount of ppl. that always go there, that they could afford to do alittle repairing around that place. It is just sad that there isn't too many places around Waco to take your kids and the one place that is available is in terrible condition!! After, we rode the rides we all jumped on the train and rode around the park. Avery loves the train, but hates when we get to the tunnel and everyone screams. I think it just scares her and hurts her little ears. After, the train we rode the BIG slide. That slide is sooo much fun!!! James and Shane would ride,and Kristina and I would watch the kids and then Kristina and I would get our turn. James took Avery up there one time and put her in his lap and they rode down and she did not like that!! She thought it would be fun bc Jaxson was going with Shane, but she wasn't feeling it! haha..she didn't cry, but you tell by her face that she was kinda scared!! We just really had a great time last night! Here are some pics...

My beautiful girl riding on the carousel

Charlie, Jaxson and Avery

Avery and Jaxson hugging each other bye. Aren't they too cute??

She LOVED this one!! haha...can't you see it in her face :)

haha...too funny. There are Avery's boo boo's on her knees

Driving the boat.

Avery coming down the slide with daddy.


Ape said...

we took audree to kiddiland last night, we just rode the train because she is still a little to small for everything else, but she had a blast. I agree, kiddiland looks HORRIBLE, but besides the zoo and mayborn museum its like the only ting we have :o(

~the mccrarys~ said...

OMG! that place is still there?! wow! it was worn down when i went there as a kid so yeah def need to spruce it up by now! lol

The Pifer's said...

awww it looks like they had fun; I love the pics of Jaxon and Avery; those are too cute!