Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So, Haidyn's newest trick is waving, "bye-bye". She cracks me up at how much stuff she is learning. She is starting to get up on her knees, and put her little feet under her and pull up on the furniture. She is saying, "no, no" bc Avery tells her that ALL the time. HAHAH..Avery is having to learn to share her stuff and she is not liking it too much, but she is getting better! She of course says, "mama and dada" too. She claps her hands when you say, "yay" or say the nursery rhyme, "Patty Cake". Anywho..here is a video of her waving to me. Sorry about it being sideways, I didn't realize that I wouldn't be able to edit and flip it the right way!

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The Pifer's said...

I can't see your sideways video but I will look tonight!!! Remind me I have to send you those pics I edited...I finished them last night but didn't have time to put them in PB...hope you have a good day with your little sweeties :)