Friday, April 24, 2009

My Heart Breaks...Need prayers for a dear friend!

One of my very best friends needs veryone to say a prayer for them. Sabrina and I have been best friends since the 3rd grade, she is now married and living in Las Vegas. Her and her husband have a little boy named Michael and he is 3 yrs. old. They just found out today that Michael has Luekemia and will have to start chemo treatment this coming week. It all started with Michael having a high fever for a couple of days that wouldn't break and they took him in to see the dr. and the dr. noticed his coloring wasn't right. He said that he looked really pale and they drew some blood and his blood count was down, they had to give him a blood transfusion last night and has been in the hospital since. They took some bone marrow today to test for the luekemia and she wrote me this evening and said it was positive. My heart just breaks soo bad for her! I could not even imagine finding something like that out about my girls. I wish I could be there for her to hold her hand and to lend my shoulder for her to cry on and just if she wanted to be mad for a second bc this is happening to a sweet innocent little boy, who has done nothing to deserve this-I would just let her scream if she wanted! PLEASE EVERYONE JUST PRAY THAT THEY CAN BEAT THIS AND SHE CAN STAY STRONG FOR HER LITTLE BOY!!

I will update everyone as soon as I hear anything new.

Sabrina, Michael and Gabe


The Pifer's said...

My heart broke when you called me earlier and told me that was truly what he had. I am def. keeping them in my prayers!!! Love ya!

Ape said...

I can not believe this. I am so praying for them. I know we dont know why things happen and it is so hard to understand. Tell her we are pulling for him

~the mccrarys~ said...

omg thats so sad! i cant even imagine! i hope he pulls through this & their family has a smooth journey throughout all this!

Brittany Enrriques said...

I cannot even imagine getting this devastating news. God does things for reasons that we don't even understand and in some cases question him. But we have to believe that he will pull this family through this difficult time and they will look back on this and say, "We did it." I will be praying for them everyday and night.

Shelly said...

oh no. that is so terrible. i couldnt imagine being in her shoes. i am praying for them & wishing for the best.