Monday, April 13, 2009

Silly girl

Now, that Haidyn is just crawling everywhere, she is starting to reach up and pull herself up on the furniture. She really hasn't mastered that technique yet bc her little arms just aren't strong enough, so I will help her to stand up. Well, since I do that she thinks it is a game and sooo funny to just fall backwards bc she know I am there to catch her. She just laughs and wants to do it all over again. She will continue to do as long as you will let her. I just feel sorry for her the day that she does pull herself up all on her own and I am not there to catch her!!! I hope and pray that she gets over this before that happens. I recorded a video of her doing this yesterday bc it is too cute :)


Shelly said...

aw shes too cute!
oh the basket was from walmart! thanks!

Ape said...

awe yall are awesome!!! The more the better :o) MArch of dimes is such a meaningful program to me. I mean without it we may not have the research to have saved audree and millions of other babies. You all really dont know how much this means to me. It is $10 to register to walk. You can either pay me before the race or pay the day of. ALso we are ordering tshirts for the walk that are $8. Just email me if you want one :o)

~the mccrarys~ said...

aw she's already got that "wrapped around my finger" thing figured out! that's cute!