Sunday, April 26, 2009

A true friend and a true inspiration.....

This week is National Infertility Week. I never really knew anything about the issue, that is until I met my dear and sweet friend Tiffany Pifer. I knew what infertility was and what it meant, but I never really knew the heartache and everything that these "infertile" women go through to try and conceive a child. Tiffany would probably give her left leg to just hear those words, "you're pregnant".

While getting to know Tiff, I would find myself researching online or asking her tons of different questions about her infertility. I just want to know and understand a little more about "why" she has a hard time and others don't. Is this something that runs in the family? Could it really be because of birth control that she was once on? What will be the 1st step at the fertility clinic? Why hasn't an IUI worked?

The other night when we went to dinner and then up to Crickets, shortly after she had something weird happen. She felt dizzy, a pain in her lower abdomen and it didn't really last very long; however it bothered her enough to want to sit down for a while. We didn't know what it was and still really don't, but that following Monday, I was watching The Dr.s and a lady called in because she always has a bad pain in her abdomen, she gets really dizzy and kind of feels sick when she ovulates. This doesn't always happen to women, but some women can totally time ovulation by it. Well, I immediately called Tiff and told her what I had just seen and we looked it up on the computer and I read all the symptoms off and they all described what she experienced that night. Normally Tiff is really good with her cycles and knows exactly where she is, when she will ovulate and so forth, however this cycle she has had so much going on that she just hasn't had time to think about it, so we counted off the days on the calendar and it fell perfect for when women normally ovulate. We both just found it to be soo interesting and are hoping that was what it was and maybe a little Pifer Bean will the result of our discovery!! I HOPE, PRAY and WANT SOOOO badly for that to be the end result!!

I think that Tiffany and other women that are going through this thought journey called "infertility" are sooo AMAZING and very inspirational! Tiffany is soo strong and maybe, she wasn't always that way in the beginning, but how could you be. It just seems so unfair that a couple that would be the best and most loving parents can't have the baby they deserve, but a woman gets pregnant and ends up brutally hurting or killing their child later on?!?! HOW and WHY?? I think this is something that I will never understand.

Tiffany-you are truly AMAZING and so STRONG! You are such an inspiration to other women out there that are going down the same "TTC road". You NEVER give up on your dream of a "Pifer Bean"!! You will be able to write your, "I'm PREGNANT!!!!!!!" Blog one day and I CANNOT wait! I will probably sit there and read it 1,000 times just because I will be bawling from the title and the actual body of the post will be soo blurry from my tears! Haha...I watch you with my girls or with Audree and I know you are going to be a fantastic mom, who won't be bothered by the sleepless night, dirty diapers, vomit, fussiness and all the other fun stuff that motherhood brings! I have learned so much from you in the short amount of time I have known you and I have so much RESPECT for you and the other women that are in your shoes! I hope you don't get annoyed with all the questions or me asking you, "how you are doing or how you are feeling"? I know your 3 year mark was kinda rough and you were dreading it for a while, but you really handled it well and with an upbeat attitude and I applaud you for that because there are not alot of women out there that can continuously look at the positives and not the negatives. You know I am always here for you NO matter what and I love you to death girl!!


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The Pifer's said...

Thank you so much sweetie! You are so amazing!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for helping me spread the word and help others learn exactly what infertility is and how it effects people!!! Love ya lots!